Painted Poinsettias

While eating breakfast in my favourite diner minding my own business, feeling rather icky, and pondering life, an elderly English lady appeared beside me, cane in hand, jarring me out of my thoughts.

“Excuse me, I’m sorry to bother you. I’m an artist, and I noticed while sitting over there that you have the most beautiful profile. With the sunlight hitting you at this angle and the lovely poinsettias behind you, you’ve inspired a painting. May I spend a few minutes sketching you?”

I blinked up at her a few times registering this request, and then of course consented. Only after I paid for my breakfast, bid the lady good day, and went on my merry way, did I think about the fact that I will likely never see this painting. No matter, though – the moment itself was enough for what I needed today. Thanks, Universe! Xo